Young Adult Skill Assessment and Career Exploration

Would you like to finally stop worrying about your Young Adult’s future? Would you like your youngster to experience new confidence by understanding their skills and career potential? If so, why not contact us now? Just think what a great experience it would be for your Teenagers or Young Adults to discover their own answers to actually picking the right career for them through introspective, customized career and skill assessment coaching sessions. Teenagers and Young Adults are usually confused and don’t know the steps to take when they feel stuck in choosing their future career.

In this fast-changing work world, young people are now being asked to create new attitudes about jobs and careers, commit to continuous learning and take responsibility for planning their career development—and they don’t know where to start. The information out there is overwhelming. They are lost and that is scary.


  • Young people will find out and understand their solid database of specific personal skills, passions, interests, values and personality qualities.
  • The specific criteria for finding the type of career to pursue that actually FITS who they are.
  • And, perhaps for the first time in their life, give them a sense of direction, renewal, and empowerment with clearer career choices.
  • The time they take to identify components of preferred work – is extremely well invested.
  • It helps direct them to choose the high school courses and college majors geared toward the career direction that best fits who they are.
  • It saves learning by painful trial and error that certain jobs don’t fit well.
  • It makes it possible to face the almost dizzying variety of occupations and exclude most of them right at the outset from consideration.

The cost of not giving your child the opportunity to take action can be boredom, stagnation, and alienation. The payoff of taking action will be a vital source of personal pride, a strong sense of self confidence that is really important to your child.

Find out how you can support and help your youngster unleash his/her inner power and get clear on picking the right career.

Contact Us for a free 30-minute phone consultation to begin the journey to transform your life.

"I would definitely recommend working with Winning Ways in order to discover which career path is the correct one for yourself. Not only will you discover what inherently drives you, but one truly learns a lot about their personality throughout this intensive program. In my case, the Career Discovery Builder helped me realize what I need in my life to be happy. Also, the work I have done with Marge has uncovered a new sense of confidence in myself that I never thought could exist. I would strongly recommend an individual of my age doing this process with Winning Ways, for it will strengthen your personality and will give you a step up on the competition."

John, Age 23

"The most important things I gained from Winning Ways was: (1) Discovering my core passions and how to align them with a realistic career (2) How to put together a portfolio (3) How to get to ‘yes’ in an interview and (4) Crafting the 2 minute script. Marge is also a great support system and always promptly follows though on what she says she will do. She is always honest with me and helps me think through challenges from different perspectives. Marge has been there when I needed her, and I’m very proud to say she is my coach!!"

Josephine, Age 25

?The career discovery process of Winning Ways was a vital step in achieving a critical self-awareness for me. The information that was unlocked provided a tangible source of understanding my own strengths. I learned that to effectively be true to myself I must harness and utilize these strengths.

The cloud of what I thought I should do, or must do, was lifted. Winning Ways was instrumental in granting this expanded perspective. I was truly touched by Marge’s straightforward approach, her humor, wisdom, and kindness is one of a kind.

Regardless of age or career status Winning Ways can provide the tools for focusing and motivating new beginnings."

Adam. Age 23