What People are Saying About Winning Ways

We all need light to help guide us on our path through life. Winning Ways offers the kind of guidance that makes the journey meaningful and insightful. At Winning Ways, we’re proud to say that we want you to read our reviews and testimonials. It’s one thing for us to love what we do, but it’s much more meaningful to hear what our clients have to say. Here are some inspiring testimonials from our clients.

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Job Search Skills and Activities Program
Skill Assessment and Career Exploration
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Core Passion Drivers Exercise

Professional Resume Writing

“I just wanted to let you know, the new resume format WORKS! Today, I’ve had four qualified hits within one week of submitting the results oriented resume. This is fantastic! I received two hits off the previous format…So you increased my lead flow by 50%!! Go Marge.”

Brooke, Pilates Instructor

“Marge it was a pleasure doing business with you, the resume looks outstanding and thank you for being honest and so helpful with everything. I will also be referring you to my friends who I know need your assistance. I will keep you posted. Thanks again.”


“Marge helped me out in a time I needed it the most. When I was unemployed looking for work is when you feel the most lost. She was able to help me work on a great resume and focus my job search. I cannot imagine what I would have done without her.”


“Marge Powers is a great career guide. I met her through LinkedIn. She helped me in getting unstressed when I was looking for a job. She had a look at my resume and she asked the right questions and turned it into a professional presentation. She kept me motivated during a job hunting process. I finally got a great job in my dream industry…I would recommend her to anyone.”


“Marge is an outstanding career coach and has helped me land a great job in my field. Prior to meeting her, my resume needed help and turned it into a great resume and also professional portfolio. She then coached me and kept me motivated during a tough job market. I did get the specific job I was looking for and appreciate her help.”


Job Search Skills and Activities Program

“I did not have a clue of how to begin my job search. Marge provided me with various skills, job search techniques and resources to enable me to effectively search for employment. Now I am working in an industry that has been of great interest to me for a long time.”

Dene, Electrical Engineer, Pacific Bell

“I learned a great deal about how to market my talents by utilizing my accomplishments (PARS), developing networking skills, conducting effective informational interviews, and successful interviewing techniques. Marge’s support made the process of defining a career for myself much easier.”

Mark, Physics Engineer, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

“I was impressed with the vast amount of information Marge was able to pull out of me. Things that I really already knew, but had either forgotten or hadn’t gauged as important. Talents and achievements which ultimately proved to be the difference in not only getting interviews, but having success during them. The knowledge I gained will certainly be invaluable as my career develops.

Wayne, Customer Satisfaction Representative, Global Village Communication

“Marge showed me how to get an annual salary increase of $8,000. I was impressed with the vast amount of information she was able to pull out of me. She got me in touch with things that I really already knew but had either forgotten or hadn’t gauged as important. Talents and achievements which ultimately proved to be the difference in not only getting interviews, but having success during them.”

Shelly, Director, North America Region, American Cancer Society

"Marge not only exceeded my expectations as a career coach, but became a lifelong guru who has provided guidance and wisdom through some of the most difficult and daunting decisions I’ve had to make in my career.

We first met almost 8 years ago, I was in search of somebody who could help me overcome a monumental obstacle of transitioning my hi-tech background and get into the cutting edge biotech field. Marge gave me encouragement and hope that she could help me turn this impossible task into a possibility.

I followed every aspect of her teachings and before long I received an interview with the #1 biotech firm on the Fortune 500 list of top companies to work for. Thanks to Marge’s Discover Winning Ways program, I interviewed well and got the job! I’ve been with them for nearly 8 years now. I’m indebted to Marge for her dedication and commitment in helping me realize my own potential, and for sharing her unique strategies and tactics that resulted in getting my dream job!"


"Winning Ways helped me confirm who and what I am and what I want to do. I feel more confident in my career search and learned to describe myself better on an interview. I now feel that marketing myself can be fun–when you know how.?

Jesse, Registrar of Voters, City of San Jose

Skill Assessment and Career Exploration

"The three most important things that I gained from the Career Discovery System and the overall Winning Ways Process were: it helped me to realize the most important factors in a job that are most important to me; also helped me focus on what is important to me for my volunteer work with youth organizations – like the boy scouts and my daughters theatre group. It’s made me understand that helping these groups is truly worthwhile; the process helped me create the best resume ever and also get a great portfolio together.

Marge has a personality and a work style that is truly perfect for me and I think we clicked from the start. Her sense of humor always gave me something to laugh about and at the same time made me think more clearly about what I needed and wanted in both my professional and personal goals."

Eugene, Technical Products Manager

"Marge’s skill and insights have been the reason I have been so successful in my current position and why I will be even more successful financially and professionally in the future. I now understand what I need to succeed in my career. The skill assessment was very thorough and illuminating and the success factors section is very powerful. I would highly recommend Marge to anyone interested in improving his or her professional and personal lives. Her ability to tailor her program to the individual is a testament to her professionalism."

Carl, Global Coordinator

“I’m totally surprised at how well this is working for me. I don’t feel trapped anymore careerwise…I feel as though NOW I have the power to make informed choices that work for me.”

Mei, Research Analyst

Young Adult Skill Assessment and Career Exploration

"I would definitely recommend working with Winning Ways in order to discover which career path is the correct one for yourself. Not only will you discover what inherently drives you, but one truly learns a lot about their personality throughout this intensive program. In my case, the Career Discovery Builder helped me realize what I need in my life to be happy. Also, the work I have done with Marge has uncovered a new sense of confidence in myself that I never thought could exist. I would strongly recommend an individual of my age doing this process with Winning Ways, for it will strengthen your personality and will give you a step up on the competition."

John, Age 23

"The most important things I gained from Winning Ways was: (1) Discovering my core passions and how to align them with a realistic career (2) How to put together a portfolio (3) How to get to ‘yes’ in an interview and (4) Crafting the 2 minute script. Marge is also a great support system and always promptly follows though on what she says she will do. She is always honest with me and helps me think through challenges from different perspectives. Marge has been there when I needed her, and I’m very proud to say she is my coach!!"

Josephine, Age 25

?The career discovery process of Winning Ways was a vital step in achieving a critical self-awareness for me. The information that was unlocked provided a tangible source of understanding my own strengths. I learned that to effectively be true to myself I must harness and utilize these strengths.

The cloud of what I thought I should do, or must do, was lifted. Winning Ways was instrumental in granting this expanded perspective. I was truly touched by Marge’s straightforward approach, her humor, wisdom, and kindness is one of a kind.

Regardless of age or career status Winning Ways can provide the tools for focusing and motivating new beginnings."

Adam. Age 23

Career Coaching

“I work in Human Resources and am in charge of our Job Transition Program for employees whose jobs are being eliminated. I have personally worked with Marge for about 4 years now and she serves as our Career Consult and Outplacement Counselor for all of our affected staff”.

“The employees she has worked with and is currently working with have had nothing but wonderful things to say about Marge. She provides encouragement, motivation and is brilliant at helping our employees discover their career strengths. She provides the tools and drive necessary for them to take that step and pursue possibilities they never thought they could”.

“Letting go of staff is always emotionally difficult in this job (no matter what the reason is), but knowing that Marge is taking care of these people provides a sense of relief for me as well as all of us here in Human Resources. We know that they are in good hands and have excellent chances of making it on the outside in a career that fits”.

Tonia, Human Resources Manager

“The three most important things that I gained from this self-assessment process were: 1. Focus–discovering what I’m good at and what I like to do. 2. The assurance that I can find a career that utilizes my skills and interests, instead of just settling for any job. 3. The belief that I have some valuable skills to offer an employer. Working with Marge alleviated a lot of the stress from my job being transitioned. It showed me that I can do what I want to do.”


"Thank you for an awesome experience. The material was amazing, and I was reminded that this is my CAREER path and it is my time to fly. Life is about change. Learning to navigate change is a powerful and conscious way is a valuable tool in itself. Thank you for helping me see the best in me!"


"I’ve been fortunate that Marge still plays an active role in my career planning. Particularly in these challenging economic times, it has become increasingly difficult to hold on to a good job. Marge has written a different series of books that are teaching me ways to remain competitive and focused on my career ambitions. We are currently working together on strategies for advancing my career into a more international role, thereby keeping me ahead of the curve that the global economy is headed. I’m confident that Marge has the knowledge and resources that will help me achieve this goal as well."


"Make no mistake, this can be a challenging process, chock full of very fundamental questions like “What is keeping you from getting what you want”. It’s a question that may seem simple at first but if it is to be answered with complete honesty it can be very difficult to address.

Once the questions about skills, experience, interest and passion are explored, the process of narrowing down job types and industries is undertaken.

That’s where Powers’ experience, skill and insight come into play even more forcefully. Why? Because she has an uncanny ability to help her charges prepare for informational interviews and to speak the language of the industry and job that has piqued their interest.

It’s this demand-side wisdom, i.e. speak and think the way that your potential hiring manager thinks, that puts a job and career seeker in a great position to win. They see things from the point of view of their target audience and not their own point of view.

It’s a lot of work. But at the end of the day, it’s the difference between pitching a tent that blows away with the first gust of wind and building a home with a strong foundation. When you re-position your career thinking and job search techniques this way—the right way—you end up with something substantial and long lasting."


Life Coaching

"A great big ‘thank you’ for helping me improve the quality of my life. I thought my life was pretty much in order when I met you. Through working with you I realized that I didn’t have to tolerate those parts of my life that were less than satisfying because they could be changed: Through my work with you, I learned how to: identify a problem–Realistically analyze it and ask what I can do about it and what outside sources are available to help me resolve this problem; examine my attitude about situations—what do I believe? Is this working for me?; commit to making a change; lessened my workload and making it happen.

In short, thanks to you, I am creating the magnificent in my life."

Linda, Attorney

"Marge is completely focused on her client’s well being and on the results that are best for them. She gently leads her clients to realize their needs through gentle prodding. She helped me realize both my professional needs as well as my personal ones and has helped show me my innate needs for volunteer work with my children’s organizations and other volunteer work.

Marge is completely unselfish in her help and willingness to go the extra mile for her clients. I feel that I not only was coached by a truly gifted person but also have a friend that I can call on down the road to help answer my questions that are most important to me!"

Eugene, Technical Products Manager, XO Communications

“From the initial self-evaluation, through the determination of new career goals, the development of high quality presentation materials, the execution of a marketing strategy and finally, into job negotiation itself, I found Marge’s program to be absolutely accurate, highly professional and results-oriented. She was a big help in my career transition…she had a clear understanding of me, my abilities and skills and perhaps most importantly, my need for a new job that would allow me to contribute professionally while maintaining balance between my career and my personal time. She was a pillar of support.”

Susie, Facilities Manager, Xerox Corporation

"I am so thankful to Marge Powers as she has helped me in two ways and both of them were major breakthroughs for me.

Her wonderful coaching brought me across a threshold I have been wanting to cross for 30 years, and that is changing from my old career in office administration to my heart’s desire of working in holistic health. My life will be totally changed as a result, and literally my fondest dreams are coming true.

But there was still one block left to remove before I could truly move forward, and that was a life-long tendency to extreme worry and anxiety. Childhood traumas had set me in a pattern of fear and doubt about myself and life and the Universe in general, and this produced continual bouts of anxiety and insomnia.

But, Marge to the rescue! Her mastery of NLP brought me across this threshold. I finally leaned that, while anxious situations won’t ever go away, it is the ability to manage far that gets us through. NLP helped me to recognize that I indeed do have the inner resources for coping. This may sound elementary, but it was a life changing revelation for me!"


"Thank you for taking the time to talk with me late on a Friday night. I really appreciate your always being there for me. This process has been transformational and I appreciate your reminding me to slow down, sit with it for a while and allow it to germinate.

My goal is to grow where I’m planted and allow myself to bloom. I tend to be so “out there,” always looking beyond, as if the grass is greener somewhere else; that I forget the abundance and opportunity I have right before me. Time to get rid of the worry and rush through life gremlin.

Working with you has been a Godsend for me. I had hit my bottom and when I started working with you and today, two months later, feel stronger, more focused and accepting of who I am and what I have to offer.

I’m sure I will continue to call with questions as the process unfolds for me. I would like to keep in contact with you. You have become a special person in my life; a good source of information, support and inspiration for me and I always learn so much from you."


"I first met Marge Powers in about 1993 when I was having my own career crisis and was considering a change. I had already enrolled in a professional program and was ready to begin classes. Marge gave me her stack of tests and questionnaires and put me to work. When I was done, she spend the time to carefully consider all had done.

We met to discuss everything and she showed me that I have so many more skills and marketable gifts than I had ever imagined!!! We explored all sorts of alternatives and in the end decided I was exactly where I needed to be but that I needed “an attitude adjustment”. As a result of those meetings and Marge’s delightful insight and sense of humor, I was able to take stock of my career goals, retool my practice and become the happy and satisfied professional I am now.

Oh, the attitude adjustment? Well, that’s easy; I quit going to court and now only focus on non-litigated ways to help people resolve disputes!! Many thanks to Marge who helped me see who I really am.

Since then, I have sent to Marge many of my clients as referrals, and each of them has had a very positive experience with the Winning Ways assessment process."


Retirement Coaching

"I felt it was a very revealing assignment and one that I am glad I completed. I had never really looked at retirement in such depth. Of course, I knew it was coming and have set aside enough moneys to fund my retirement, however, I found there was much more to it than simply having enough money. I was shocked by all the other considerations necessary to develop a fulfilling retirement. The issue of selecting activities, based on one’s desires, the coordinating of these activities with possible work assignments, volunteerism and one’s own social style were new to me. In short, the process, 'blew my socks off!'"

James, Semi-Retired, Financial Consultant

"I learned that I’m doing little or nothing to meet my needs and desires. I’m starting to realize that I’m the only one taking care of home, family responsibilities, and social contacts instead of taking care of myself first. I now understand what I should and need to be doing, i.e. working, taking care of my health and getting involved with community. I’m excited about my new goals!"

Rose, Retired

"I retired a year ago, and I really enjoyed it up until a few months ago. I started to get really bored, and wasn’t sure what to do with the rest of my life. Because me participating in the Winning Ways process, I now have new goals that I am excited about. I know how to plan to get what is important to me and feel encouraged about a rewarding retirement lifestyle."

Graciella, Retired

"I own my own business, have worked hard all my life, and was thinking of retiring. But every time I thought of it, I got depressed. The Discovery System was a lot of work, but it was worth it. What really impacted me was that it never occurred to me to consciously plan for retirement. I sort of just went along running my business, not thinking much about it. I am now working on specific steps regarding all the activities that excite me and meet my purpose in life. Good process!"

John, Self-employed

Core Passion Drivers Exercise

"In many ways, the foundation of the Core Passions lies within the counseling techniques so you can Discover your Passions. Sometimes those passions are in sync with your professional experience and sometimes they may lie within a career path that has been buried deep inside of you but hasn’t been given the opportunity to rise to the surface. . The Passions Exercise helped my ‘maybes’ go away, and can now make better decisions in my future career. It’s a lot of introspective work. But at the end of the day, it’s the difference between pitching a tent that blows away with the first gust of wind and building a home with a strong foundation. When you re-position your career thinking and job search techniques this way—the right way—you end up with something substantial and long lasting."


"In the Core Passions Exercise I learned to focus on–discovering what I’m good at and what I like to do and the assurance that I can find a career that utilizes my core passions in my career instead settling for any job. It showed me that I can do what I should do."


"Because I participated in the Core Passions exercise is the reason I have been so successful in my current position and why I will be even more successful financially and professionally in the future. I now understand what I need to succeed in my career. I found the Success Factors process is very powerful. I highly recommend Marge to anyone interested in improving his or her professional and personal lives. Her ability to tailor her program to the individual is a testament to her professionalism."


"Through the Core Passions Exercise, I learned what really motivates me. I now know the difference between a job and a career for me. I now feel how important my self-esteem is and how dynamic I am. Marge keeps you focused on what’s important to you to make sure you are consistent with who you are (your passions). Marge is a people person who uplifts your spirit and motivates you to be the best you can be.?