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Putting into practice the Magic Morsels in Marge’s eBook “What’s Your Take” is helping me keep my sanity during the restrictions put into place because of the COVID-19 pandemic. I realize that I must continuously remind myself for all that I am grateful for – and not take anyone or anything for granted. The eBook also made me stop and think about the way I let my beliefs hold me back from realizing my full potential. And it is because of Magic’s encouraging and supportive words sprinkled throughout that will propel me to move forward.

This testimonial is for Magic’s Self-Coach Companion: Parents and Teenagers. Damned if You Do, Damned if You Don’t: Wow. If people want to improve relationships with their teenagers by learning the skills that give them the Freedom to act and change their behavior from the inside out, and be open to new thinking, I can see how easy it will be to discover that most suffering is not necessary in their relationships; but merely an old bad habit. These new coaching skills are awesome and I wish I had them when my teenagers and I were wanting control. I can see how this Self-Coach book will give people the ability to improve their family dynamics. Big Time. Everyone should read this, even people who don’t have children. You are a joy, Magic.

I am going through your communication course and am surprised at how much
improvement I needed. I thought I was doing fairly well with communicating but find that
I had a lot to learn and understand. I became interested in your course after a
confrontation with my son who works with me in our business. That problem has now
been resolved, tanks your course. I learned how important it is to see things from the
other’s perspective and be a good listener first. A also learned what to say and how to
say it so that it would not be rejected like in the past. Your course has been very
valuable and helpful to me. I owe you a lot for the things I have learned in your course
and highly recommend it to anyone, whether they think they need it or not. This is a
very valuable course. I really like the way the course is laid out, the examples and
particularly the sage advice. You have improved my communicating immensely.

Well, you certainly got my attention.  Never in my whole life have I felt in tough with a higher spirit or anything other than what I could touch, see, and taste.  My whole life is in a turnaround.  I feel like for the first time I have a friend who I can talk to and trust.  No words for this.  A remarkable change in my life.  Thanks Magic!

This is actually funny.  I did not know I lost control of my life.   I was so busy doing, doing, doing, I forgot who I was and what I wanted.  So, boy this Magic Morsels Guide on Taking Charge of Your Life, sure did get my attention.  I am very excited and already know most of the changes I want to make…It’s almost easy peasy when you know the direction you want to take.  This book is so valuable, I want to shout from the rooftops and maybe even the Empire State Building, that you read it.  Wow!

I spent some time reading the book on co-dependence.  I found your insights and practical guidance is exactly what most of that ilk could use to break out of the run, the irony of it all is that most co-dependents are so afraid of letting go of that which is holding them back.  I refer to it as:  swirling the drain, the muck and the murk that many codas have allowed as their false bravado and can only be sufficiently rinsed once the plug is pulled.  In my experience, I came clean in a river of serenity, which is connected to an invisible life rope woven by faith.  I suggest that you “come on in—the water is fine!”

The many chapters and quizzes Marge has created in this Self-Coaching Companion material, really assisted me in focusing the what, where, when, who, and why I created such stifling limits around my mindset, mindset, world view, etc.  Oh my God!  She discusses how to change things and not play the victim.  There are very appropriate poems and sayings, then there’s a little zinger; Failure is not fatal. Yep.  She says that failure is not only failure, there’s no such thing as failure…there is ONLY feedback.  This was totally insightful for me…everyone should read it.

I now understand that Anger is a signal that something is going on with me.  In the past, I was carefully trained to swallow my anger even though it was a message that I was being hurt, or violated.  I was confused that my needs or wants were not being that something was not right.  My parents and extended family taught me to always hide my feelings.  So, I became an invisible little girl who hid behind her feelings.  This book really helped me understand that my beliefs, values, desires and ambitions were always compromised.  I really feel a strong sense of freedom now. Thanks Marge!  What a release!