Skill Assessment and Career Exploration

If you want to get ‘clear’ on your career, contact us now! Just think what a great experience it would be for you to discover your own answers to picking the right career through introspective career and skill assessment coaching sessions? Would you like to experience a feeling of empowerment by unleashing your career potential? Most people are confused and don’t know the steps to take when they feel stuck in their career.

In this fast-changing work world, people are now being asked to re-invent themselves, create new attitudes about jobs and careers, commit to continuous learning and take responsibility for managing their own career development—and they don’t know where to start. They are lost and that is scary.

We will show you how to understand your solid database of personal skills, interests, values and personality qualities, and the specific criteria for finding the type of career to pursue that actually FITS you. It will, perhaps for the first time in your life, give you a sense of direction, renewal, and empowerment in the choices you make.


  • Leads you to self-renewal, confidence, and better direction.
  • You will get clear on your career path.
  • The time you take to identify components of preferred work – your skills, special knowledge, mission, working conditions, level of responsibility and pay is extremely well invested.
  • It makes it possible to face the almost dizzying variety of occupations and exclude most of them right at the outset from consideration.

Designing and developing the work you want to do may take a while to digest. The cost of not taking action can be boredom, stagnation, and alienation. The payoff of taking action is when your means of making a living also becomes a life work, and a vital source of personal pride, to what is really important to you.

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"The three most important things that I gained from the Career Discovery System and the overall Winning Ways Process were: it helped me to realize the most important factors in a job that are most important to me; also helped me focus on what is important to me for my volunteer work with youth organizations – like the boy scouts and my daughters theatre group. It’s made me understand that helping these groups is truly worthwhile; the process helped me create the best resume ever and also get a great portfolio together.

Marge has a personality and a work style that is truly perfect for me and I think we clicked from the start. Her sense of humor always gave me something to laugh about and at the same time made me think more clearly about what I needed and wanted in both my professional and personal goals."

Eugene, Technical Products Manager

"Marge’s skill and insights have been the reason I have been so successful in my current position and why I will be even more successful financially and professionally in the future. I now understand what I need to succeed in my career. The skill assessment was very thorough and illuminating and the success factors section is very powerful. I would highly recommend Marge to anyone interested in improving his or her professional and personal lives. Her ability to tailor her program to the individual is a testament to her professionalism."

Carl, Global Coordinator

“I’m totally surprised at how well this is working for me. I don’t feel trapped anymore careerwise…I feel as though NOW I have the power to make informed choices that work for me.”

Mei, Research Analyst