Seniors/Aging/Retirement Issues

Okay, you’ll be retiring soon or perhaps already retired. You’re a bit lost or overwhelmed, and maybe confused. Are you asking yourself ‘’Now What?” Wouldn’t it be helpful to get clear on the future retirement lifestyle that fits you.

Contact us now if you have you ever thought the following: “I’m confused!” “I’m too old!” “I’m depressed!” “What do I want?” “What are my passions?” “I’m bored!” “Where will I live?” “Where am I?” “I am frustrated!” “Should I work?” “Now What?” “Should I play?” “Who am I now?” “Should I volunteer/work?” “BAH everything!”

Retiring is actually a career transition and in approaching this transition, you need exactly the same process of self-analysis as if you were going through a job change in your career.

You need the same “options generation” process but with slightly different content, slightly different goals, and an entirely different purpose. Seen this way, retirement is not a ‘stopping’ but a ‘beginning.’ We can help you carve out a new identity, reinvent yourself, and pursue new dreams and goals in order to have a happy retirement lifestyle in future.


  • Learn about your passions, values, motivations and goals—what lights up your life!
  • Develop your vision and personal mission consistent with your passions.
  • Create action plans to get you where you want to be.
  • Discover the tools to assess your current life roles and priorities.
  • Learn the practical self-guides for coaching yourself through future changes.
  • Cultivate a creative perspective for fun, self-expression and confidence.
  • Receive your own customized 10 page Personal Profile Evaluation which will assist you in making better-educated decisions in planning the Future Lifestyle you want and deserve.

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"I felt it was a very revealing assignment and one that I am glad I completed. I had never really looked at retirement in such depth. Of course, I knew it was coming and have set aside enough moneys to fund my retirement, however, I found there was much more to it than simply having enough money. I was shocked by all the other considerations necessary to develop a fulfilling retirement. The issue of selecting activities, based on one’s desires, the coordinating of these activities with possible work assignments, volunteerism and one’s own social style were new to me. In short, the process, 'blew my socks off!'"

James, Semi-Retired, Financial Consultant

"I learned that I’m doing little or nothing to meet my needs and desires. I’m starting to realize that I’m the only one taking care of home, family responsibilities, and social contacts instead of taking care of myself first. I now understand what I should and need to be doing, i.e. working, taking care of my health and getting involved with community. I’m excited about my new goals!"

Rose, Retired

"I retired a year ago, and I really enjoyed it up until a few months ago. I started to get really bored, and wasn’t sure what to do with the rest of my life. Because me participating in the Winning Ways process, I now have new goals that I am excited about. I know how to plan to get what is important to me and feel encouraged about a rewarding retirement lifestyle."

Graciella, Retired

"I own my own business, have worked hard all my life, and was thinking of retiring. But every time I thought of it, I got depressed. The Discovery System was a lot of work, but it was worth it. What really impacted me was that it never occurred to me to consciously plan for retirement. I sort of just went along running my business, not thinking much about it. I am now working on specific steps regarding all the activities that excite me and meet my purpose in life. Good process!"

John, Self-employed