Professional Resumes

If you’re looking for a resume that gets results, contact us now. Wouldn’t it be great if you could have a resume that gets the attention of hiring managers and be called for interviews? Learn how to Brand Yourself in order to beat your competition. The resume is the first impression a future employer has about you; learn how to build up your reputation. Managers will scan your resume for just 60 seconds to see if you’re right for the job. That’s why your resume needs to stand out. It needs to be well-written by highlighting your skills and accomplishments to your best advantage so you can land the job.


  • Instruction and co-active participation in writing a powerful resume and portfolio.
  • Become newly aware of your Achievements which always get the hiring managers attention.
  • Portfolio Development (optional) – Learn to Brand Yourself and beat your competition by developing a powerful Focus Chart and Inventory Matrix to help you become more confident on selling yourself.
  • Learn what you want to contribute to your company as an employee.

(P.S. Ask us about creating a powerful Portfolio to help you beat the competition)

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“I just wanted to let you know, the new resume format WORKS! Today, I’ve had four qualified hits within one week of submitting the results oriented resume. This is fantastic! I received two hits off the previous format…So you increased my lead flow by 50%!! Go Marge.”

Brooke, Pilates Instructor

“Marge it was a pleasure doing business with you, the resume looks outstanding and thank you for being honest and so helpful with everything. I will also be referring you to my friends who I know need your assistance. I will keep you posted. Thanks again.”


“Marge helped me out in a time I needed it the most. When I was unemployed looking for work is when you feel the most lost. She was able to help me work on a great resume and focus my job search. I cannot imagine what I would have done without her.”


“Marge Powers is a great career guide. I met her through LinkedIn. She helped me in getting unstressed when I was looking for a job. She had a look at my resume and she asked the right questions and turned it into a professional presentation. She kept me motivated during a job hunting process. I finally got a great job in my dream industry…I would recommend her to anyone.”


“Marge is an outstanding career coach and has helped me land a great job in my field. Prior to meeting her, my resume needed help and turned it into a great resume and also professional portfolio. She then coached me and kept me motivated during a tough job market. I did get the specific job I was looking for and appreciate her help.”