Magic Morsels

This Magic Morsels series will give you self-discovery through wisdom and new self-knowledge. They have no limitations; no moment where there isn’t a possibility for something higher to pierce the soul. There’s little doubt that these Magic Morsels will help you overcome the biggest and most complex obstacles to control your mindset. You will find that these Quotations are a fun read and a perfect kick-start to enhance and control your life, your awareness, and your happiness.

Marge “Magic’ Powers also creates daily “Magic Morsel”  Wisdom Tips on her Facebook account.  Readers have said these thoughtful quotes have given them daily insights that help make a difference in their lives by learning to overcome and control their mindset in a very positive way.  You will find that these quotations are a fun read and a perfect kick-start to enhance and help you control your life, your awareness and your happiness.  Check them out here!  Here’s hoping you get good value reading from them.

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