Job Search Skills

Have you ever wondered how to get an employer to want to hire you? Contact us now to find out. If you are looking for a job, you will find it can be the hardest job there is…would you like to make it easier? “Where do you start, where do you look?” Even extremely talented people with solid work histories are finding the current job search climate to be tough, and on some days it can be very hard to stay positive.

Many people feel lost and become depressed. In the job search, the only things you CAN control are your Viewpoint, your Thoughts, and your Attitude.

Learn how to empower yourself during the job hunt. Learn the useful tools and techniques that can get you hired without all the stress.


  • Learn useful and effective ways that work in job search planning strategies.
  • Cultivate a strategy for networking and develop a useful marketing plan.
  • Understand how to setup information meetings to get more referrals.
  • Learn about the hidden job market and available job openings.
  • How to get the interviewer to want to hire you.
  • During the interview, understand the Hidden Agenda.
  • Be more confident during the job search process.
  • How to negotiate, make job offer decisions and get the job.
  • Learn how to talk about yourself to get their attention.
  • Survive the job search process more comfortably.
  • Expert career advice to empower you and get past areas where you may be stuck.

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“I did not have a clue of how to begin my job search. Marge provided me with various skills, job search techniques and resources to enable me to effectively search for employment. Now I am working in an industry that has been of great interest to me for a long time.”

Dene, Electrical Engineer, Pacific Bell

“I learned a great deal about how to market my talents by utilizing my accomplishments (PARS), developing networking skills, conducting effective informational interviews, and successful interviewing techniques. Marge’s support made the process of defining a career for myself much easier.”

Mark, Physics Engineer, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

“I was impressed with the vast amount of information Marge was able to pull out of me. Things that I really already knew, but had either forgotten or hadn’t gauged as important. Talents and achievements which ultimately proved to be the difference in not only getting interviews, but having success during them. The knowledge I gained will certainly be invaluable as my career develops.

Wayne, Customer Satisfaction Representative, Global Village Communication

“Marge showed me how to get an annual salary increase of $8,000. I was impressed with the vast amount of information she was able to pull out of me. She got me in touch with things that I really already knew but had either forgotten or hadn’t gauged as important. Talents and achievements which ultimately proved to be the difference in not only getting interviews, but having success during them.”

Shelly, Director, North America Region, American Cancer Society

"Marge not only exceeded my expectations as a career coach, but became a lifelong guru who has provided guidance and wisdom through some of the most difficult and daunting decisions I’ve had to make in my career.

We first met almost 8 years ago, I was in search of somebody who could help me overcome a monumental obstacle of transitioning my hi-tech background and get into the cutting edge biotech field. Marge gave me encouragement and hope that she could help me turn this impossible task into a possibility.

I followed every aspect of her teachings and before long I received an interview with the #1 biotech firm on the Fortune 500 list of top companies to work for. Thanks to Marge’s Discover Winning Ways program, I interviewed well and got the job! I’ve been with them for nearly 8 years now. I’m indebted to Marge for her dedication and commitment in helping me realize my own potential, and for sharing her unique strategies and tactics that resulted in getting my dream job!"


"Winning Ways helped me confirm who and what I am and what I want to do. I feel more confident in my career search and learned to describe myself better on an interview. I now feel that marketing myself can be fun–when you know how.?

Jesse, Registrar of Voters, City of San Jose