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Marge "Magic" Powers

Marge “Magic” Powers, founder and owner of Winning Ways, has more than 30 years of successful  and proven experience in Life, Career, and Retirement Coaching. Magic encourages people to examine the beliefs they hold regarding personal goals and ambitions. She shows clients how to discover their personal passion, and empowers them to recognize their freedom to “choose” – to win in their lives. Her mission: Commitment to her clients’ personal growth and self-discovery.

Magic majored in Organizational Behavior at the University of San Francisco. She is a Master Certified Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistics (NLP) from the NLP Institute of California. She is certified in Co-Active Life Coaching from John F. Kennedy University, and is an active Minister at the Universal Church of the Master.

Magic has authored over 120 Self-Coach companion eBooks and Magic Morsel quote eBooks. Her clients have mentioned how much they value her writing on so many topics for people who need a thoughtful guide to maintain their courage, confidence, and serenity. She brings coaching to a new kind of communicating, as if you are a special friend, offering wisdom and encouragement with a hefty dose of realism.

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