Seniors/Aging/Retirement Issues

You need the same “options generation” process but with slightly different content, slightly different goals, and an entirely different purpose. Seen this way, retirement is not a ‘stopping’ but a ‘beginning.’ We can help you carve out a new identity, reinvent yourself, and pursue new dreams and goals in order to have a happy retirement lifestyle in future.


  • Learn about your passions, values, motivations and goals—what lights up your life!
  • Develop your vision and personal mission consistent with your passions.
  • Create action plans to get you where you want to be.
  • Discover the tools to assess your current life roles and priorities.
  • Learn the practical self-guides for coaching yourself through future changes.
  • Cultivate a creative perspective for fun, self-expression and confidence.
  • Receive your own customized 10 page Personal Profile Evaluation which will assist you in making better-educated decisions in planning the Future Lifestyle you want and deserve.

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