Director of Life and Wellness Learning Services for Winning Ways

Roger Mason

We are delighted that Roger Mason has joined us as Director of Life and Wellness Learning Services at Winning Ways to serve as our Mentor in health and wellness concerns in maintaining the experience of positive well-being. As a Mentor, he is able to support effective career decisions that impact with health issues that involve career changes, as well also retirement issues and the life cycle of aging. He will be able to provide information and support to help with a person’s discovery of the best approach in reaching important decisions about these concerns.

Roger Mason is a proactive health care services administrator, educator, and consultant. He has comprehensive experience in all health care sectors with director positions in inpatient and outpatient departments in acute care hospitals, public health and nonprofit health service agencies, hospice care, organ/tissue transplant programs, health education programs, and health consultant supporting physicians in medical practice.

Roger Mason has a special expertise in teaching and counseling patients, in conducting health education programs, in organizational development, public and governmental affairs, and as an administrator in a variety innovative health care programs.

Some of his past achievements are:

  • Innovative health care administrator to implement new health community outreach health information programs to expand health care services.
  • Hospice Agency Executive Director to promote grief support and stress intervention services to include school-children, adults and caregivers.
  • Community College Instructor teaching nurses and ancillary medical personnel.
  • Advocate for legislative endorsement for tissue and organ donation.
  • Consultant to medical and nursing directors of 25 metropolitan neighborhood health centers and public information officer for a public health agency.
  • Health educator and conference speaker on health topics.

Roger Mason has held administrative and executive positions at Kaiser Permanente, UCSF School of Medicine, Sunny View Retirement Home in Cupertino, Hospice of the Monterey Peninsula, Dept. of Health, City of Chicago, Health Services Institute of Chicago Community College, Assistant Hospital Administrator, and Vice President of Ambulatory Care in two Chicago metropolitan hospitals.

Roger Mason is available to meet with you to support you in your life goals. You can contact him at 408.244.2122 or email him at