Founder, Career and Master NLP Life Learning Advisor

Marge Powers

Marge ‘Magic’ Powers, founder and owner of Winning Ways, has over 25 years successful and proven experience in Human Resources, Career, Retirement and Life Coaching. Marge encourages people to examine the beliefs they hold regarding personal goals and ambitions. She shows clients how to discover their personal passion. She empowers them to recognize their freedom to “choose” – to win in their lives. Her mission: Commitment to her clients’ self-discovery and growth.

Marge ‘Magic’ Powers majored in Organizational Behavior at the University of San Francisco. She is a Master Certified Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistics (NLP) from the NLP Institute of California. She is certified in Co-Active Life Coaching from John F. Kennedy University.



She has a proven reputation as an expert in Career and Personal Growth Coaching and has authored many eBooks on Personal Growth, Career, and Life issues. Her clients have mentioned how much they value her writing of so many topics for people who need a thoughtful guide to maintain their courage, confidence, and serenity. The quality of her writing, as well as the depth of her understanding of the emotions that crowd into problem-solving issues are thoughtfully addressed in her books.

She brings conversation to a new level of communicating as if you are present as a special friend, offering wisdom and encouragement with a hefty dose of realism.

Here is a Poem she wrote recently which shares her commitment to helping others at Winning Ways.


Making a Difference


It’s probably an ego thing, but I love the work I do,
my clients come from everywhere to start their lives anew.
They show up worried with sad stories tough to bear,
wondering why they’re not happy and life is just not fair.
They share with me, for instance, the following stories or two:
“I’m confused and don’t know the kind of work that I can do.”
“I’m angry and feel like a wild animal trapped in a zoo.”
“I don’t have any marketable skills and haven’t got a clue.”
“There are no jobs to fit my skills, I’ve only seen a few.”
“I’m not happy and want to start my life brand new.”
“The job search is a political hassle from my point of view.”
Others frown and judge me, “You’re not working? It’s been a month or two.”
“I’m lost and even terrified, my self esteem is suffering too.”
“I don’t know where to start, I just don’t know what to do.”
So I help them uncover those special passions that expose who they are,
a special place inside to BE; knowing they can win and reach the stars.
This new power is exciting to watch as they all become aware,
to discover and understand that the answers were always there.
They just needed a catalyst to point out clearer directions,
to produce much better decisions and assure the right selections.

By: Marge ‘Magic’ Powers