Metaphysics, Dowsing and Life Coaching

Keith Smyth

Keith has always had a passion for being directly responsible for contributing to the overall success of people through his exceptional leadership, coaching and expertise in training and consulting.    He has coached and trained several hundred people in creating goals and has empowered them on their journey toward self-reliance.  He continually coaches and trains people who need extra, support insight and guidance relative to sorting out the details regarding important events or situations in their life, career or retirement.

Keith is a Minister of the Universal of the Master (UCM) Church; he was in the Air Force 12 years, before and during the Vietnam War.  He has completed many awareness workshops such as the EST Training, he is trained in Silva Mind Control, he has studied the ancient knowledge of the Hawaiian Kahuna extensively, is an expert in Metaphysics, Higher Consciousness, and Huna Awareness.  He is Vice President of the San Jose Chapter of the American Society of Dowsers.  He knows and understands EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), he is cognizant of NLP (Neurolinguistics Programming).

He has published “The Little Book, or What You Were Never Told When Programming for a Mate”, which is available if requested.  Keith has also created a metaphysical cartoon book “Heaven Is Where You Least Expect It”, which he uses as a counseling tool.  It also is available on request, and several of the cartoons are used throughout this book.

He also has traveled most of the world, speaks fluent German, and has done extensive training sessions and provided many awareness lectures in Dowsing, Personal Growth, and Ancient Hawaiian Philosophies.

Keith is very much committed to healing processes, and getting in touch with the higher spirit.  His main goal in life is making a different in people’s lives.

Keith is available to meet and coach you to support you in your life challenges. You can contact him at 408.374.9706.