Job Search Skills

Have you ever wondered how to get an employer to want to hire you? Call us now to find out. If you are looking for a job, you will find it can be the hardest job there is…would you like to make it easier? “Where do you start, where do you look?” Even extremely talented people with solid work histories are finding the current job search climate to be tough, and on some days it can be very hard to stay positive.

…Many people feel lost and become depressed. In the job search, the only things you CAN control are your Viewpoint, your Thoughts, and your Attitude.

Learn how to empower yourself during the job hunt. Learn the useful tools and techniques that can get you hired without all the stress.


  • Learn useful and effective ways that work in job search planning strategies.
  • Cultivate a strategy for networking and develop a useful marketing plan.
  • Understand how to setup information meetings to get more referrals.
  • Learn about the hidden job market and available job openings.
  • How to get the interviewer to want to hire you.
  • During the interview, understand the Hidden Agenda.
  • Be more confident during the job search process.
  • How to negotiate, make job offer decisions and get the job.
  • Learn how to talk about yourself to get their attention.
  • Survive the job search process more comfortably.
  • Expert career advice to empower you and get past areas where you may be stuck.

So why not go for the gusto? Call Marge Powers, Career Coach, now. Ask for a free Orientation and Information Packet. 4408-622-4722 or 408.691.1996