Spiritual, Holistic and Life Coaching

Elsie Carrillo

Elsie Carrillo has always had a passion for helping people who may need some extra support, insight and guidance relative to sorting out the details regarding an important events or situations in their life. She feels her Spiritual, Holistic and Life Coaching is for the healthy individual who may need assistance with specific areas of their life with the particular life challenges they may be experiencing.

Elsie is committed to the three ‘P’s of Business. People, Passion and Positivity. She coaches people to understand their needs, desires, and goals. Her coaching passion is working with people of all walks of life to help them discover their intentions and purpose in life. Elsie Coaches with Positivity for people so they can experience an amazing life change and identify a shift in experiencing and reclaiming their extraordinary power. Why not commit to be a part of this extraordinary coaching experience!!!

She is a committed Pay-It-Forward (PIF) Coaching Partner with Winning Ways, a successful and thriving Life Coaching Management Business for over 25 years. She was trained and educated by the most phenomenal coaches at the Secret Life to Coaching Company and is Certified in the Winning Ways coaching services. Elsie is committed to her coaching practice focusing on the balance and integration (mind, body, spirit) of each client adding substantial enhancement to their lives.

Elsie has a Degree from San Jose State University with an emphasis in Finance. She is a community advocate and very successful working as a Coach with diversified women of different cultures at work and at various other community non-profit organizations.

As a previous Bank Manager, for over 10 years she was directly responsible for contributing to the overall success of through exceptional leadership, coaching and training employees as well as being in charge of member services. She has coached and trained over 50 employees, in creating goals and future empowerment on their journey toward self-reliance. She has continually impacted people’s quality of life by identifying action plans to access needed resources toward a better life. She is committed to combining body/mind/spirit in her coaching.

Elsie is available to meet and coach you to support you in our life challenges. You can contact her at 408-406-6131, or email her at: emcarrillo855@yahoo.com.