Code of Ethics

Winning Ways assists clients in freeing themselves from their career traps and help them focus and understand what is important to them on the job and in their life. Clients will explore their own landscape and discover answers through the Winning Ways process – a highly interactive and joint exploration process that provides a refreshing, holistic overview of lifelong decision-making that will unleash individual potential and possibilities. Clients have a right to understand our reasons for making suggestions or using particular procedures. They have a right to ask any questions and to refuse anything we suggest. Clients need to know that the people most successful in the Winning Ways process are those that commit to diligently work the program as we teach it. Winning Ways will keep anything that clients tell us in the strictest confidence unless we have your written permission to report to a professional with your benefit in mind. Our commitment to clients is to totally support participants throughout this introspective process by being a catalyst, advisor, director, and mentor appropriate to their situation. We will do our best to:

Help clients

understand and identify a career focus based on who they are.

Encourage and support

people in the complex career search and/or life transition process.

Coach and direct

clients at their own pace, based on their commitment, initiative and needs.

Help clients

move and plan toward newly identified future goals in their life and career.

Work with Clients

We will work with clients until they are successful, no matter how long it takes.

Pro Bono Services

We will work with clients until they are successful, no matter how long it takes.

Highest Quality

Our services will always be of the highest possible quality.

Exceed Expectations

We will exceed all expectations of our clients by ensuring distinctive and effective marketing tools and personalized coaching, while maintaining a personalized yet professional atmosphere.