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If you’re looking for a resume that gets results, give us a call now. your resume needs to stand out. It needs to be well-written by highlighting your skills and accomplishments to your best advantage

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Have you ever wondered how to get an employer to want to hire you? Call us now to find out.

Skill Assessment and Career Exploration

If you want to get ‘clear’ on your career, give us a call now! Just think what a great experience it would be for you.

Life Coaching Program

Find the answers to the following questions: What do I want in my life? What would it be for me to have a full, rich life? What is it to live in alignment with my values? What makes me happy or brings joy into my life?

Stimulus Insider Coaching Membership Club

Are you—Frustrated? Confused? Tired? Not Working? Broke? Lost? Stuck? Need Expert Advice in Life or Career Coaching? Give us a call, now!

Discover Your Core Passion Drivers

Call now if you want to take charge of your life. Wouldn’t it be terrific if you knew the first steps to take and where to start looking in order to finally take charge of your life?

Discover Winning Ways

Marge Powers is a successful career coach and author of books with topics ranging from Career Choices to Job Search Help to Personal Growth Counseling to Retirement and Aging. Her books have helped hundreds of people to change their lives for the better.

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Discover Winning Ways

WINNING WAYS is a Career and Life Management Coaching firm. We specialize in assisting you in getting clear on your career and life direction decisions. Our services below were designed to help you explore, identify, and affirm your uniqueness. We help you bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be so you can claim your own destiny and keep your dignity. Our mission is a strong commitment to bringing about real practical changes with huge results to your life!

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I just wanted to let you know, the new resume format WORKS! Today, I’ve had four qualified hits within one week of submitting the results oriented resume. This is fantastic! I received two hits off the previous format…So you increased my lead flow by 50%!! Go Marge.

BrookePilates Instructor

I did not have a clue of how to begin my job search. Marge provided me with various skills, job search techniques and resources to enable me to effectively search for employment. Now I am working in an industry that has been of great interest to me for a long time.

DeneElectrical Engineer, Pacific Bell

Marge has a personality and a work style that is truly perfect for me and I think we clicked from the start. Her sense of humor always gave me something to laugh about and at the same time made me think more clearly about what I needed and wanted in both my professional and personal goals.

EugeneTechnical Products Manager

I would definitely recommend working with Winning Ways in order to discover which career path is the correct one for yourself. Not only will you discover what inherently drives you, but one truly learns a lot about their personality throughout this intensive program. In my case, the Career Discovery Builder helped me realize what I need in my life to be happy.


I work in Human Resources and am in charge of our Job Transition Program for employees whose jobs are being eliminated. I have personally worked with Marge for about 4 years now and she serves as our Career Consult and Outplacement Counselor for all of our affected staff.

ToniaHuman Resources Manager